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Home Staging

Home Staging Services start at $1,700 for a 60 day term.  Occupied Consultations start at just $175.  Contact us for a personalized quote.

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Virtual Staging

Virtually imposed high end furniture and decorations proven to attract attention to your listing. Prices start at just $50 and results in 24-48 hours. 

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Inspire. Revive. Design

Kure Staging and Design offers full service home staging and consultations.

Staging: We strive to bring the beauty of your home to life by creating a space that directs focus to the quality and appeal of the home itself. Transforming the flow and feel of a room with resourceful expertise and quality design will generate not just an aesthetically attractive space, but a home that potential buyers can easily envision living in themselves. ​



Owners Lindsey & Ricky Quinones take pride in helping clients sell their homes. They see each home as their own, understanding the importance of quick sales and how a good design accentuates that. With superior customer service, affordable prices, and valuable resourcefulness, the process with Kure Staging and Design is hassle free and successful.